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Compare Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatments

For women who are experiencing the menopause, taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can mean the difference between enjoying a higher quality of life or suffering unpleasant menopausal symptoms. The menopause itself usually occurs in a woman's 50s and is the result of female hormones adjust, stopping eggs from being produces every four weeks. As a result, periods will no longer be experienced, however, the symptoms of the menopause can last for an average of four years.

HRT treatments can also be used for:

  • The prevention of osteoporosis (a condition that weakens bones, making them brittle and fragile)
  • The treatment of the symptoms associated with perimenopause (symptoms caused by normal hormonal fluctuations as a woman approaches her menopause)
  • The treatment of surgical menopause (menopause that develops after a woman's ovaries are surgically removed)

Simply select up to four HRTs from the table below to compare the features for each therapy preparation.

1. Elleste Solo (No), Elleste Duet (Yes), Elleste Duet Conti (Yes).

2. Elleste Solo (No), Elleste Duet (Yes), Elleste Duet Conti (Yes).

3. Elleste Solo (Continuously), Elleste Duet (28 days), Elleste Duet Conti (Continuously)

4. Elleste Solo (Continuous oestrogen-only), Elleste Duet (Cyclical combined), Elleste Duet Conti (Continuous combined)

5. Premique Low Dose Conj.Oestrogen (300mcg), Mexdroxyprogestogen (1.5mg) and Premique Conj.Oestrogen (625mcg), Mexdroxyprogestogen (5mg).

What these comparisons mean

Whether you have had a hysterectomy or not is a deciding factor in which HRT you are prescribed. As shown in the table, HRTs containing oestrogen like Elleste Solo and Evorel are only suitable for women who have had a hysterectomy. For women who have not had a hysterectomy and still have a uterus, the table shows that HRTs containing oestrogen and progestogen, like Elleste Duet Conti and Prempak-C, are more suitable alternatives.

The formulation and how you take each therapy also varies. Evorel Solo MX is a transdermal patch, while Premique Low Dose comes in tablet form. Likewise with oestrogen only HRT like Premarin, one tablet is taken daily on a continuous basis. In contrast, cyclical combined HRTs like Prempak-C are taken as one oestrogen tablet daily, with a progestogen tablet included on day 17 of therapy.

Although sharing some common HRT side effects like breakthrough bleeding and breast tenderness, the table shows that there are also dissimilarities. The common side effects with hormone replacement therapy patches like Evorel Conti include skin irritation where the patch has been applied and sleep problems. However, the side effects that are possible in oral HRTs like Elleste Duet include an increase in the size of fibroids in the womb.

With such a wide selection of HRT treatments available for women, knowing the main features associated with each therapy is key to providing you with a better understanding of how your HRT works and how it compares to others.

You can buy your desired HRT treatment online here at SpeedyHealth after you have completed a quick online consultation form, which is reviewed by one of our doctors.

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