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How We Work

The Speedy Health Process

Speedy Health is committed to providing you with the best possible service and the safest, most effective treatment. Our ordering process is quick, discreet and tailored to your lifestyle needs. We guarantee that every phase of our service is completely confidential, from consultation to delivery, so you can be sure your details are fully protected.

Step 1 - Select medication

You can indicate the medication you wish to purchase ('preferred medication') and select the appropriate dosage and quantity to proceed to the consultation. You must then fill in a consultation for the condition and our doctors will decide the treatment options that would be the most suitable to you. Please note that the doctors are fully independent and the medication they may prescribe could be an alternative that is better suited to your needs.

Our online confidential ordering process includes the following steps:

  • Online Consultation
  • Address and billing details
  • Payment details
  • Order confirmation

Please note that when we ask for your payment details, we only preauthorise your card with our bank. We will only take payment if the prescribing doctor approves your consultation and issues a prescription.

Step 2 - Fill out a medical form

We ask all patients to fill out an online consultation, which consists of a set of questions about your medical history. This consultation form is then reviewed by one of our doctors to ensure the medication is the best option for you.

Whilst we provide a secure medical consultation, we advise our patients that the internet should not replace a face-to-face consultation with their doctor, and recommend that they do so, if they can.

We are aware that sometimes medical consultations via forms and telephone calls may not give a doctor enough information to make a correct judgment, and a physical check-up may allow for a better diagnosis.

If deemed necessary, our doctors may ask for a one-to-one consultation via telephone or video-conference.

Step 3 – Medical review

Your consultation will then be reviewed by our doctors. If the treatment is right for you, a prescription will be issued and forwarded to our pharmacy.

The doctors will always ensure that all consultations are thoroughly assessed before issuing a prescription to ensure your health and safety is never compromised whilst using our service.

In some cases, where your preferred medication may not be suitable for you due to health concerns, the doctor will get in touch and help you to find the right solution. At this stage, you may be suggested treatments more suitable to you, or told to visit your own doctor face to face.

Step 4 - Medication sent from pharmacy

The pharmacy will then prepare your medication according to the prescription and dispatch it to you via free delivery.

Once your prescription has been issued, your medication will be dispensed via our own registered pharmacy. Your medication is taken from the shelf, date and batch numbers are checked and the required labels are printed.

Our pharmacy perform the final checks against the prescription and then your medication is placed into a discreet package ready for free next-day delivery*.

Age Verification

As an online healthcare provider, it is important that we confirm your identity and that you are at least 18 years of age. Checks are carried out against information you provide including but not limited to your name, address and date of birth on national identity registers at the time of registration and may be carried out on future occasions should there be any discrepancies in your details as time go on. To make the process as easy as possible, all checks are carried out behind the scenes as part of the registration and ordering process, requiring no action on your part. However, it is important that you provide your personal address, even if your delivery address is different, at the time of ordering.

Should we be unable to verify your age based on the details you have provided, you will be contacted by a member of our customer service team to discuss other options to verify your age.

Additional Information

Our service consists of two main parts: the online medical consultation and the issuing of a prescription and treatment. Each of these parts are separate, and the completion of a consultation will be subject to an approval process by a doctor before a prescription can be issued. The entire consultation process (excluding the issuing of the prescription, and the dispensing and delivery of the medication) lasts between 20 and 25 minutes and may last longer if more information is required. The consultation process is outlined below:

  • Completion of the online medical consultation. Should we identify any irregularities, you may not be able to fill in the medical questionnaire and you may be contacted to verify some or all of the information you have provided. At this stage, it may be necessary to arrange a telephone or video call to complete the process.
  • Initial review of online medical consultation data by doctor.
  • Second review of online medical consultation data by doctor.
  • Issuing of prescription if the prescribing doctor is satisfied that the course of treatment is suitable for the patient.
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