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  • Dr. Adrian Rawlinson
Dr. Adrian Rawlinson

Dr. Adrian Rawlinson

Supervising Physician | MBC A 66237


With 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Adrian Rawlinson is a highly skilled physician currently practicing in California.

Having initially trained in emergency and sports medicine, Rawlinson went on to become a Chief Medical Officer before joining our team here at SpeedyHealth.

He strives to provide the best care to all his patients, carefully listening to what they have to say and involving them in the decision-making processes.

  • MBC License Number

    A 66237

  • Professional Registrations NPI
  • Education

    University of Leeds
    University College London
    Oregon Health & Safety University
    California Pacific Medical Center

Qualifications and Experience


Dr Rawlinson graduated from medical school in 1983, after studying medicine for 5 years at the University of Leeds. He received a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery.

He then studied at UCL (University College London), where he specialized in sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine.

In 2007 he completed a course at the Oregon Health & Safety University, achieving a qualification in health informatics.


Team physician for Great Britain

Medical Advisor for Reboot Holdings Pty Ltd

Medical Officer for Nephosity

Specialist in Sports/Musculoskeletal Medicine

Telemedicine Physician at Teladoc

Chief Medical Officer and Welkin Health

Guru and Executive in Residence (EIR) at BReakawayGrowth Fund

Sports Medicine Physician at Kaiser Permanente

Vice President of Medical Affairs at Upswing Health, in the San Francisco Bay Area

Medical Specialty & Areas of Interest

Medical Speciality

Dr Rawlinson has a speciality in sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine, having studied at UCL after achieving his medical license.

He also specialized in family medicine at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

As well as his clinical role, Dr Rawlinson has entrepreneurial experience as a physician executive, strategic leader, and digital healthcare product innovator.

Memberships & Certifications

Certificate in Personalized Medicine

Board of Certification in Family Medicine

ECFMG Certificate


Throughout his career, Dr Rawlinson has worked as a volunteer physician. He currently volunteers under the MAVEN project, but has previously volunteered for several other organizations.

Since 2020, he has been helping to provide uninsured and underinsured patients with the help they need.

Before this, he volunteered for an organization dedicated to providing free orthopedic surgery to children and young adults in developing countries.

He has also been a volunteer physician for the Lwala Community Alliance; a program offering health services to pregnant women and HIV patients in Western Africa.

In line with our views here at SpeedyHealth, he has followed and pursued the belief that everyone should have access to comprehensive health care.